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"...raises serious questions about the definitions of art." - Variety


"...speaks to the heart of everyone who is yearning to make something.
(Checkoway) is definitely someone worth watching." - Movie City News


"...engaging, thought-provoking." - New York Daily News


"A sharp study of obsession, devotion and delusion." - Daily Telegraph, London


"Remarkable. Totally focused." Nerve


"A revealing, human and utterly wonderful film." - The Independent, London


"Hilarious and touching." - MyFilm


"Fascinating." - The Times, London


"Terrific." - Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind


"Art imitating life and obsessively so." - The New York Times


"Startling." - Jay Berg's Cinema Diary


"Not a mockumentary, but an enjoyable, bittersweet and funny ride
full of uber-characters in the flesh." - imdb user review


"Food for thought about the venerable, though still vital, question
of the sociology of art." - Artnet Magazine

  Waiting For Hockney is the true story of Billy Pappas,
  a rough and tumble Baltimore artist who - on a dare -
  devotes nearly ten years of his life to creating a
  groundbreaking portrait. When he's finally finished,
  Billy and his group of eccentric supporters believe
  there is only one man who can decide if he has created
  a new art form: famed artist David Hockney.


A Film by Julie Checkoway. A Littlest Birds Films Production.